Left to Right

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It takes a lot of hardwork to make a body like this and stay healthy but for staying healthy wanna loose weight start this workout


Image result for pushups

Start with 5-10 (3 sets)

If you cant do this bend your legs and then try doing some push ups, The more you do the more you get.

Knee-in-plank 15,

Image result for Knee-in-plank
JUmping jacks 50,

Image result for JUmping jacks
Toe touch plank 12,

Image result for Toe touch plank
Running climber 30,

Image result for Running climber
Lateral jump 15,

Image result for Lateral jump
Butt kicker 30,

Image result for butt kicker exercise
Long jump 10,

You dont need a picture for this haha
Bicycle crunch 20,

Image result for Bicycle crunch
Image result for burpees


Image result for cool down exercises


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